Earlier this year the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence changed its guidance on Alzheimer's drugs. The new guidance says that people in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease should be able to access treatment. The guidance also says that people in the later stages should be able to access Ebixa.

Alzheimer's Society wants to assess whether in reality people are getting access to drugs and memory services, so we can highlight any issues. We would appreciate it if you could please spare 5-10 minutes to complete an online survey. The deadline for completion is Friday 18th November.

The survey will be used to identify areas for further research, develop case studies to demonstrate the positive impact of the changes, identify gaps in services and access to treatment and provide a straw poll which can publicise the issue at the first Annual Event of the Dementia Alliance Action on the 29th November.

If you have any questions please contact Simon Kitchen on 020 7423 5185 or by email on simon.kitchen@alzheimers.org.uk.

Click here to complete the survey

Many thanks for your help,