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    Exclamation A few changes to Talking Point forums

    Hi everyone

    I’m writing to let you know that we’ll be making a few changes to some of Talking Point’s sub-forums next week. These changes are being made in response to feedback we’ve received from members over the last while, so we really hope they will prove helpful.

    The following changes will be made on Monday 24 October (this coming Monday):

    1. The About Talking Point members forum is going to be removed. This forum is not used a great deal, and in fact sometimes seems to cause confusion for new members, who post there without realising that there are busier areas of Talking Point in which to introduce themselves. So, I’ll be moving the threads out of this forum and into other appropriate forums, later on today.

    2. A new forum, Legal and Financial Issues, will be added to Information and Resources. This forum will be for people who wish to share their experiences in relation to financial and legal issues. (Legal or financial information posted in an advisory capacity, or to promote goods or services, will be removed).

    3. A new Fundraising sub-forum, for those wishing to fundraise for Alzheimer's Society, will be added to Information and Resources .

    4. The Lounge will be re-named Members' Area, which we hope will be clearer for everyone.

    Later next week, we’ll also be adding another sub-forum, Alzheimer's Society Videos, to Alzheimer’s Society News and Notices. This forum will feature Alzheimer’s Society’s short films, which we hope will be both helpful and of interest to forum members.

    If anyone has any questions or comments in relation to these changes, please do get in touch with me via email or PM.

    Many thanks,

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    Re. threads in 'About Talking Point members' forum

    All threads have now been moved from the About Talking Point members forum, but for the next couple of days you'll still be able to view them from there.

    All polls have been moved to our Resources forum, and all support-related threads or introductions from new members have been moved to Support for people with dementia and their carers.

    The original poster (OP) of any threads started in the last six months have also been contacted regarding the move of their thread.

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    Exclamation New sub-forums have gone live!

    As you have probably seen, the changes that were due to take place today have now been made.

    To recap, these are:

    1. The 'About Talking Point members' forum has been removed
    2. A new 'Legal and Financial Issues' forum has been added
    3. A new 'Fundraising' forum has been added
    4. 'The Lounge' has been re-named 'Members' Area'

    I hope these are clear to everyone.

    Please note that we will be moving some threads into the new 'Legal and Financial Issues' and 'Fundraising' forums, as appropriate. We will notify the Original Poster (OP) of any threads posted within the last six months about thread moves.
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    Thumbs up New: Alzheimer's Society Videos forum

    The Alzheimer's Society Videos forum, which features short films made by the Society, has now been added to Alzheimer's Society News, Notices and Videos.

    I have added a few films to start things off, and more will be added over time. Each film has it's own thread, so please feel free to post your thoughts and feedback.

    It may also be helpful at this point to clarify our rules re. posting videos. Forum members are welcome to post links to relevant videos in their posts, but are not permitted to embed videos on the forum:

    3.10 Links to videos may be posted when relevant to the discussion, but users are not permitted to embed videos on this site. Alzheimer's Society will remove embedded videos posted by users.
    (From the Talking Point Terms and Conditions of Use)

    I hope that's clear, but please shout if you've any questions.

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