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    Angry gruimpy guts is on the loose

    Oh dear what is wrong with me today I am so grumpy
    nearly lost my temper in s@@@@@@@@s
    they had 2 tills but 1 queue which wasnt at all clear and i stepped out of the queue because i was confused and was made to go to the back of the Queue
    someone who will remain nameless complained that i had been in there for 40 mins
    I hadnt only about 15 mins I checked my receipts from one shop to the next
    phone calls galore all interupting me
    I have invited a friend and her husband over for afternoon tea (got some muffins)
    but what frame of mind i will be in by the time we arrive who knows
    I'm probably overtired
    and i've eaten all the wrong things for my diet
    The person who can laugh at themselves will never cease to be amused

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    Hi Sarah sorry your so grumpy I hate queuing in shops as well hope you soon have your happy head on but we all deserve a grumpy day now and again love larivy
    Life has taught me that respect,caring and love must be shared for its only through sharing that friendships are born

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    Hi Sarah,

    Sorry you're feeling grumpy.

    Hope your visitors will cheer you up later in the day.


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    Sorry your'e a grump today Sunny Sarah!!!! We're all entitled to off days you know. I bet by the time your friends come you'll be looking forward to some cheery company and end up having a lovely time xxxxxxxxxxxe

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    Hope you are feeling better now Sarah. I am sure there are many of us eligible for the grumpy club. One good thing about it is we are entitled to come in and opt out as we wish.
    Take care Love
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    How dare anyone keep tabs on your time in S*********, Sarah. Don't they know that all supermarkets are especially designed to entrap, befuddle and bewilder shoppers for as long as possible?
    Hope your time with your friends was enjoyable and that you feel a lot better now. x


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    I hope you are calm now

    hope the muffins helped
    Sunshine.. love and hugs

    Never take your eye off the ball, it may
    just smack you in the mouth.

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    Sarah, hi
    Love and hugs, all supermarkets are sent to try us.
    Take very good care of yourself, with kind regards from Jo
    There isn't enough darkness in the whole universe to put out the light of one candle (quote Hubby, 25 September 2010)

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    The muffins did help

    i went to bed for a bit after my friends had gone i usually go with Celia to visit them on weds evenings but I was too tired so i sneakinly invited them over for 'afternoon tea'

    I bought some violas today so i have planted a very small bed of them with some pansies
    and now i am going to have my pudding!

    I will prob have an early night

    Spoke to katherine the moderator today she's very nice and I hope i didnt sound grumpy when she rang!
    The person who can laugh at themselves will never cease to be amused

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    Just thought I'd let you know i'm a bit better today!

    well not as grumpy off to do the ironing now
    The person who can laugh at themselves will never cease to be amused

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    Hi Sarah,glad you're not so grumpy today.xx

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    Hi Sarah

    Glad you're feeling bit better - hope you enjoy the ironing.

    Really impressed with your exhibition stuff - it's great

    Take care

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    Unfortunately my grump level is rising a bit

    Fortunately not too many people coming for tea esp as I am cooking!

    Sausage and mash today ian's favourite esp for him as he's not usually here on a thursday night and he cant stand pasta which is my signature dish!
    The person who can laugh at themselves will never cease to be amused

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    My grumpometer reading excelled itself tonight
    The person who can laugh at themselves will never cease to be amused

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    Quote Originally Posted by creativesarah View Post
    My grumpometer reading excelled itself tonight
    Mine goes pretty high too Sarah. Have you got anything scheduled for tomorrow or cna you just have a quiet day?




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