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    Wandering devices

    Please could anybody give advice on devices available to help prevent wandering. My mother, who has alzheimer's and lives alone, has left her house several times at night and has gone missing to be found by the police.

    My sister and I are her carers and each live about ten minutes walk away. We both work but are coping in general day to day care but are concerned by her leaving the house on her own.

    We have been told that there is a device which activates a pre recorded message when a door is opened. Has anyone had any experience with these or any other devices?

    Any suggestions are greatfully appreciated.
    With thanks.

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    Hi Wasdale

    There is a post further down the page about door alarms by Dollyc (sorry but not sure how to post links )

    You could also look at a GPS Tracker Watch (look them up on the net), as long as you can get your mum to wear it (or put it in her clothes), you will be able to track her movements, if she goes missing, you can find her (through your pc) with up to 3 yards accuracy. You can also set "Fields" so if she moves out of her street it will alert you.

    Might be a little more expensive but well worth it for peace of mind.

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    Long answer I'm afraid.

    I have the Carecall Door Alarm set on Mum's door. It works through the Carecall box and at the moment I have it set to activate between 7 pm and 7 am. If Mum goes wandering during those times it will sound chimes and if it is not reset at the call box by pushing a button, the voice will sound over the Carecall system. If she replies to the voice and is ok then the alarm is reset, but if they are unhappy with her response, or she fails to respond they telephone me. That way I have a starting time of when she goes out. The system could be set for any amount of time as far as I know. I was offered the choice of using my voice but declined as Mum is more likely to take notice of a stranger's voice for now and this way it's one less thing I am nagging her about. I did think about having one of the GPS devices but Mum might not wear the same coat each time. I would stitch a label inside her coats giving a contact name and number, but don't give an address. It could be a giveaway to the less scrupulous. I have also seen on TP where others have provided their local police with a laminated A4 sheet, complete with photo, so that they can have details in case of need. One other though, Try to keep an up to date photo and list of any medications to hand, you never know when either might be needed. Soory about the long post, I have been accused of talking too much!! Night Maureen.x.

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    Hi W, welcome to TP. I had this service for my dad. Its connected to your phone line and the person wears either a pendant or wrist band. The call box is in the room where the phone is and if the door is opened a person will come on and ask if your ok. If they dont get an answer they will send out responders who will have been given a photo, if it happens a lot, they will know what the person looks like. The pendant can be activated independantly by pressing a button and again a person will ask if everythings ok. I arranged this through Social services and it costs £40.30 every 3 months. It wont stop the wandering but it will cut down the time a person is outside, especially important if its during the night.

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    Hi and many thanks for your replies.
    My internet conection has been down the past few days but I tried to order a motion detector/voice reminder only to find that they are out of stock. This was only going to be a temporary measure as we are in the process of moving our mum closer to us and can look at the devices you have suggested.

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    Door Alarm

    Hi W, my dad has an alarm on his front door similar to the one Cragmead has mentioned. It was supplied and fitted by NHS assistive technology department. It was free, although we pay a quarterly fee of about £50 for the monitoring service (the people that speak to you over a type of intercom system if the alarm is triggered). Our problem was dad going out/coming in and forgetting to shut the front door. Apart from the security of his home, this is peace of mind for me more than anything as I'm 200 miles away.

    Practically, the intercom system isn't brilliant and dad is confused by it. But the monitoring people just ring me, and I ring dad, calm him down and the alarm is re-set.

    Best wishes,


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