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    Thumbs up And the winner is...TP!

    I’m thrilled to tell you that the TP moderating team were amongst the winners of Alzheimer’s Society’s annual William Brooks Volunteer Awards, in recognition of their hard work and vital contribution to the Talking Point forum.

    The award was presented to members of the volunteer moderating team, past and present, on Friday evening, at the Society’s Annual General Meeting.

    Bruce (Brucie), Craig (Craig C), Jan (Beckyjan), Norman, Sandy, Sue (sue38) and Sylvia (Grannie G) all made the trip to Warwick to receive the award on behalf of the team.

    I think it’s important to mention the moderators and recent former moderators who were not able to attend the awards in person: Jennifer (jenniferpa), Joanne (Canadian Joanne) and Vonny from the current team, and Connie, Ken C and gigi, all of whom have contributed a great deal to TP in the past year (and much longer than that, in several cases).

    Of course, TP is a membership-driven forum, and the insightful, supportive and informative contributions from members are crucial to its continued success. Without all of you, there would be no TP! So, I hope that everyone will be pleased about the recognition that this award has brought, not only for the moderating team, but also in highlighting what a valuable service TP provides.

    Here are a few photographs from the evening. The first two were taken by Bruce, who always has his camera at the ready:

    (Left to right: Sue, Sandy, Norman and Jan)

    (Sylvia and Craig)

    My photos are unfortunately not a patch on Bruce’s (my camera is rather less impressive than his - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it ), but I thought I’d share them anyway…

    The first two show Bruce leading members of the moderating team on stage, to be presented with the award by Eileen Winston, Vice-Chairman of the Society’s Board of Trustees:

    And this one shows members of the team and Eileen Winston, being 'directed' by the conference's official photographer for a photograph:

    Congratulations to the moderating team on this achievement, and again, many thanks to everyone who has contributed to TP over the past seven and a half years.


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    Just to say I'm unsticking this thread now: hopefully lots of you have had the chance to read it and take a look at the pics.





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