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Thread: My mum wont eat

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    My mum wont eat

    Im not sure where to post this. So please feel free to tell me where I should be posting this.

    My question is My mum refuses to eat. shes not doing it because she doesnt want to live, she just keeps saying she cant eat. she would like something nice she gets what she fancies then when put to her mouth she cant eat it. Ive tried loads of senarios even told her shell have to go into hospital and be put on a drip but she just keeps saying she cant help it. shes loosing weight and has diebetis. What will happen with her diabetis if shes not eating. What do I do ? She is in a lovelly nursing home and they dont know what to do. they are starting to worry now. Any advice or experiences are welcome.

    If im not in the right place please let me know too. thanks christine

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    hey christine, i would move this thread to the main forum, because more people will see it there. the more people that see it the more advice your most likely to get. love sara

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    I'm sure one of the moderators will move it soon. Don't worry about retyping it.
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    Hello Christine

    I have moved your post into the main support area.

    Is it possible your mother is at the stage where she has forgotten how to eat? If the nursing home are unable to help her they should seek advice from someone who can. Perhaps her doctor could be asked to visit.

    It has also been shown that Speech Therapists have often been consulted about chewing and swallowing disorders.

    Please ask the NH to ask for medical advice.


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    My mum will be getting a visit from the Dietission she will probably prescribe Build up drinks.

    My mum hasnt forgoten how to eat she will take a maltezer or a strawberry then say shes had enough. Then lie that shes been eating. Maybe she thinks she has eaten. Then is later saying shed like a bag of chips . she eats 1 or 2 then says shes had enough.

    I think her brain is telling her shes full when eating. then starving later untill the spoon goes near her mouth. Doc prescribed Prozac . I know that effects your apetite but was like this before . shes not eaten proper for about a month . she will have a bit toast in the morning and a spoonfull of cereal then shes full.
    I just feel theres nothing I can do . The nursing staff are trying all tactics. But if she wont eat . The weight is falling of her.
    Has anyone else been through this. I feel so helpless.

    She aslo has diebetis. And shes not eating as she doesnt want to end her life. But ive told her if she doeant eat well. hospital drip , But she just keeps saying she cant help it. And would like something nice.

    Oh ive went on. thanks for rading christine.

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    Thankyou Lynne. for your PM.
    I have read your post and all its replys.

    Thankyou for bringing this to my attention.





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