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    Friends all react differently

    Friends who have no experience of Alzheimers have absolutely no idea what you are dealing with. Its not that they do not care , it is simply they do not worry because they have no idea they should...
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    alzheimers does not lead to normal behavior

    It is so hard when anger bubbles. The anger is at a situation and it is hard not to blame the person who caused it. However, you know that your mum is ill, mentally ill. You can not expect her to...
  3. Gut reaction is usually right

    My mum at 85 loved her 4 year old grandhild and played with her as if she too was a child. I gained by watching and learning that a child loves to play games not just be looked after. When mum...
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    Changes in dementia

    whilst I am glad you have found carers to help. Have you thought of a long term plan. My mother lived at first alone in her home, refusing to live with us. However, she finally decided to get rid...
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    Do what is right for the future

    From a selection of homes in your area you will find that only a certain amount can deal with someone with Alzheimers or forms of dementia. Bearing in mind that with some the mind deteriorates...
  6. Hospital care.............................................. .......................

    Reading your sad message, I thought here is someone going out of her mind with worry about the care of her father. This is someone who really cares. However, having recently been through all of...
  7. Dementia calming drugs............................................. ..................

    I noticed that as soon as my mum started taking drugs to keep her calm she slept through the next day right into the afternoon. I spoke to the doctor who said it was coincidence. I felt that mum...
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    You hurt because you love.............................................. ..............

    The only way to get to grips with the sadness and guilt is to say I am doing my best. show all the love you can all of the time because you will always remember that you did that and your mum will...
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    You are grieving....every day with every thought of your mum....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Your every tortured thought is grieving......grieving for the mum lost and grieving for the new mum she has become. You are trying to find a way to help her but you can not change what even the...
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    Do not worry about the future...action replay is depressing

    You may be right. Try not to worry for the rest of her years because it may be many many years before it becomes serious. Enjoy your life together, make happy memories when ever you can then you...
  11. I wish we had done more together

    Life does not wait but speeds ahead and opportunities missed may not come back. When my mother in law was distressed as the end of her husband's life approached (from cancer) she told me she wished...
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    Showing Love

    You say you have found it difficult to show love. Did your mum show love to you. Perhaps you do not want to feel like a child, needing your mother. We love our mums but when they become childlike...
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    Food and how to watch out

    Idiscovered early on that I should always check draws etc. in mum's room. I avoid the sweets area in the supermarket and use distraction tactics to get her from noticing these things. I do buy her...
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    Get outside to cure the blues

    I understand that feeling of being trapped. I live in a village with no transport and finances are abismal. Thank goodness for sunshine, it is a life saver. I am lucky enough to have a garden and...
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    When the time is right

    There comes a time as things progress that you know in your heart that the time is right. Do the right thing now. It is the right thing for your future and that of your wife. Think it through,...
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    What amazing understanding and love

    What amazing understanding and love you have for your wife...she is a very lucky woman.:)
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    If people ill treated a dog they would risk legal action.

    There is absolutely no excuse for poor standards of care in care homes or hospitals. If a dog was ill treated the public would be up in arms. It is our duty, not just for our families, but for...
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    clocks ...beware

    I bought my mum a very clear faced clock with big numbers which could be set as 2pm or 14.OO hrs etc. I thought I had done the right thing. Unfortunately, every time she picked the clock up she did...
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    Memories to record

    I sat this lunch time listening to 4 young ladies sat behind me discussing their awful memories. One laughed and said she had taken offence when her husband shouted "do not forget your library...
  20. Keep yourself happy

    Keep yourself happy. That sounds like daft advice I know but it works. The more you treat yourself to moments of happiness the better life seems. The more life appears brighter, the easier it is...
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    Grieving and Lauging

    Grieving for someone with Alzheimers is as natural as grieving for someone who has died because part of them has died. Grieving is natural and inevitable but whilst you are grieving the care home may...
  22. Care Homes

    I thought care homes meant looking through all of the choices. However, when it came time to have day care help I was told that there were only two in my area which dealt with Alzheimers (possibly...
  23. Thread: awareness

    by rosaliesal

    Alzheimers takes time

    Recognizing there is a problem is just the start of the process. Small things happen, not finding things and then finding them in really odd places. Not knowing where you have just been to i.e....
  24. There are people out there who do care what happens to you.

    The system is full of people trying to cope both carers and those in authority trying to cope with tiny budgets rules and regulations. It makes my blood boil. Alzheimers is an illness just the way...
  25. Thread: Bad Day

    by rosaliesal

    Incontinence is difficult

    You are having a bad time but you are finding ways round it and will do so. It is the run up to finding the solution that is the problem. Shout and shout for help and do not stop till you get it. ...
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