What is it?

  1. Grannie G
    Grannie G
    Please tell me what`s on the plate in your picture llamedos. Is it tripe to go with the cow heel , or is it fish?
  2. llamedos
    It;s cow Heel - yummy!
    Ideal in pies and stews - try it!
  3. Grannie G
    Grannie G
    No thank you.
  4. llamedos
    Grannie G - Don't say NO until you have tried cow heel, or anything else for that matter! I have heard many people say "Ug! I could not eat that", and who have quickly changed their minds after tasting it! A meat and potato pie made with cow heel as an ingredient, is fantastic! You have a tasty pie with a great flavour. Cow heels were cooked and used to provide the tasty 'gravy' in pork pies us to several years ago - many older members will remember that distinctive taste!

    It can also used used for any other stew, and is ideal slow cooker material. Modern cow heel requires no cleaning - what you get - you can use - no waste!

    Come on Grannie G - Give it a go!
  5. Margarita
    Must say it looks like a lump of lard .

    Must have a lot of fat in it ?
  6. llamedos
    No Fat in cow heel to my knowledge - defintely no lard!
  7. Barry
    Hi llamedos

    It was interesting to read about the cow’s heel, but from what I know the heel as with most bovine animals also has sinew and a lot of gelatin which if eaten in excess could increase cholesterol levels and result in higher blood sugar levels for diabetics.

    Just so that you know I am just putting the finishing touches to two Indonesian recipes for this group and once my wife has finished cooking them for my lunch then I will take some photos to go with the recipes, hopefully will get them posted today
  8. llamedos
    Hi Barry,

    Many thanks for your recipes so far - all look great, and I will certainly have a go.

    Regarding cow heel, yes it's mainly gelatin and soft tissue, and MAY have a high cholesterol - reason to be careful.

    However, like all high cholesterol food - this should only be eaten in moderation - just like seafood, prawns, lobster, crabs etc - all these eaten in excess can increase your cholesterol - plus eggs!

    The key word in all food matters is to eat in moderation - we only eat cow heel around 4 times per year. Eggs - rarely, and only when on holiday! All seafood I must admit to being an addict....having said that my cholesterol level last month was only 4.5 !!!!

    I once met a lady on holiday in Spain - she looked the picture of health - around mid 40's I would guess. We tried to get her to visit the local restaurant where they served seafood as a speciality. She refused, and said that only ate baked beans in tomato sauce and potatoes! She ate the beans on their own, with mashed, or chipped potaotes, on toast, crumpets, bread rolls, Beans and tomato sauce in a pie with small bitesize potatos.....the list went on and on.....we left her tucking into beans on toast!

    Keep the recipes rolling Barry
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