Cah Brokoli / Sautéed Broccoli

  1. Barry
    Here is a simple tasty Indonesia dish that is also healthy and nourishing; it’s excellent when fresh Broccoli is in session.

    250 grams Fresh Broccoli, wash, and cut florets into slices
    1 dessertspoon sesame seed oil
    Half of a large white Onion, cleaned and cut into slices
    1 whole red pepper / paprika, cleaned, deseeded cut into slices
    Half yellow pepper / paprika, cleaned, deseeded cut into slices
    8-12 good sized raw prawns, cleaned and shelled but leave on the tip of the tail
    4 dessertspoons oyster fish sauce (this could be substituted with Fish sauce)
    Pinch of salt (it’s always best to use sea salt)
    Half a teaspoon ground black pepper
    100cc clean water

    1: Heat the sesame oil in a wok and gently sauté the onion until tender and sweet smelling, add in the red and yellow paprika and cook for a few moments mixing them together in the wok.

    2: add in the prawns and gently cook until they change reddish pink colour

    3: add the un-cooked Broccoli florets, oyster sauce, salt, black pepper, water, and gently simmer continuously mixing together until the water is slightly reduced.
    Take care not to over cook or the broccoli will break into pieces

    This dish goes well with fresh baby new potatoes when there in session just sprinkle the top with a little fresh finely chopped mint to garnish

    Note: you can substitute the prawns with pieces of lobster, crab claw meat, or even pre steamed white fish like haddock or cod.
    If you want as a pure vegetable dish just leave out the prawns or fish meats
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