Diet watchers Fresh Fruit cake

  1. Barry

    Diet watchers Fresh Fruit cake

    This is a very simple cake to make and ideal for those of you who are diet conscious although like any cake and diets they should be eaten in moderation.

    Step 1 preparing the fresh fruits first:
    250 grams of fresh apples
    250 grams of fresh pears
    40 grams of dried apricots chopped small
    Small piece of fresh cinnamon stick

    Peel, core and cut the apples and pears into small square size pieces, gently simmer in a little water with the cinnamon until the fruit is just tender, remove the cinnamon and drain of the water through a sieve then fold in the chopped apricots and leave the fruit to get completely cool in the sieve.

    Step 2 preparing the ingredients:
    150 grams caster sugar
    90 grams low fat or polyunsaturated margarine (you can use butter if you wish)
    60 grams low fat or polyunsaturated shortening
    225 grams fresh egg this = to about 5 whole eggs
    Few drops of vanilla essence
    225 grams of strong flour
    Half a teaspoon of baking powder sifted with the flour


    Cream together the sugar, margarine, shortening and vanilla essence until light a fluffy, this is best done with a cake mixer,
    Gently fold in the Eggs a little at a time, take care that the mixture doesnít curdle,

    Then gently fold the flour and baking powder into the batter making sure that itís completely mixed in.

    Finally gently fold in the cooled fruits

    Put into a greaseproof paper lined cake or bread tin and bake in a pre heated moderate oven at 170 Celsius until golden brown and firm to the finger,
    If need be you can use a skewer to pierce into the center of the cake if the skewer pulls out clean and dry then the cake is baked.

    Once cool tip from the tin and store in an air tight container, as this has fresh fruits its best kept in the refrigerator to retain quality, assuming it lasts that long!

    Any type of fruit cake is always better the next day as it improves the texture of the cake.
  2. TinaT
    I don't bake much nowadays Barry. It isn't much fun baking for just one person but when I go to the Care Home to visit Ken, one of the kitchen ladies bakes some lovely home made cakes which I appreciate so much.
  3. johnpatcarl
    Hi barry have just baked your fruit cake and agree it delish, got a bit lumpy when i was adding the eggs so i used my hand held blender and it seemed to be ok, used cinnemon powder i had not got a stick bet you as a master baker (got to watch how you say that eh)would be horrified going to try your rich fruit cake next oh i used attora vegetable suet for shortening is that ok? Thanks and take care john
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