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well have seen pychiatrist and dave managed to do a bit better on his memory test which was great. doc said daves speach is obviusly much worse, voiced my concerns about it being ftd and should he be on aricept. dr thinks because he has had a little improvement dave should continue for the time being. agreeed we didnt want the results of the genetic testing. too upseting for dave. then saw neurologist who says cause dave has a disc pressing into his spinal cord this could be giving his mobility probs . hes been saying this had nothing to do with it for two years?. the scans show otherwise anyway so i know what i believe. then low and behold we get the genetic results? i need to speak to them. but it has cheered dave upand given him some hope at last.its all so confusing what is the hell wrong i cant believe that there is noone whom has suffered the same as dave. i wish we could communicate its so lonley for him and im not sure what to do. reading other peoples stories i realize we are at the begining even though they say it prob started years ago, i think they are right there cause for years ive thought dave was odd at times and not behaving normally.well nearly anouther week over. will see dad tomorrow hes getting much worse with his memory, its worrying. will be planing his birthday surprise 78 and still phisically active oh i do love him so much and i owe him so much but i wont go down that road. perhaps i should write a book maybe one day..

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  1. Norrms's Avatar
    Hello my friend, you go and write that book Girl LOL LOL If ever you get the time get it all down then do it, even if its only a short Autobography or something just to remind you of whoever you want it to. As i was diagnosed i wrote a short Autobiography, some parts are funny some parts are sad but its now down for all to see, and i felt so much better for it. Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxx
    P.S. If you ever want to read it you are more than welcome, Norrms
  2. rosaliesal's Avatar
    Instead of looking at the bad of this awful situation, try to find things you can do. It does not matter what it is, going for a drive, looking at photos, watching a good documentary. The more you look at what the two of you can do, however small, it will bring smiles to both your faces. Smiles help the heart mend. Your memories will be of these happier moments and not full of regret. Try to find time with a friend. Though it is nice to be able to discuss the worries it leaves one with the unhappy feelings still. Quality time is what you need. I will say to my friends "well, we have had a few mins about my mum, now lets not talk about problems but lets have a nice afternoon". It is surprising by making a few changes how life can have real quality. This is said in the best possible way with feelings for your happiness.