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Dear Care Quality Commission

Dear CQC -the Maze of Dementia

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Dear CQC - Im beginning to deviate!

Im beginning to understand that the problems were all having trying to work our way through The Maze of Dementia Care are perhaps down to the fact that most (but not all) people having to live with any form of dementia are ... older persons ... more mature persons ... senior citizens ... OAPs .... call them what you will, CQC.

They are people. They are people above all else. People First.. People Second. People. Just People.

But, it is just possible that all those services we need to call upon to SUPPORT us, to HELP us, are all aware of the fact that ... if those who need support and help are more mature/older/elderly/senior citizens ... then it goes without saying that the people most likely to be contacting each and all support structures are ALSO MATURE, OLDER, ELDERLY, SENIOR CITIZENS.

Were not likely to need ASBOs dumped on us .... unless provoked!! (Watch this space!)

Were not likely to sit on your doorstep, stark naked, and singing to the sky ... unless provoked! (Watch this space!)

Were not likely to cause you much trouble, are we? .... unless provoked!!! (Watch this space!)

That may be how you see us, CQC. You may well think that ... but some of us could not possibly comment. But we will.

So, I have deviated from my blog mission, but only temporarily, CQC. So that I could remind you that we are well aware of the fact that we are mostly older persons, but that does not mean that we are ... not interested, not able, not about to .... ... well, CQC, please watch this space.

Stay with us, and we may well be ... with you .... or not, as the case may be. Just watch this space.

Its fair to say that we are almost at the end of a long long tether ... if you understand.

So, even though I had planned to move towards the magic number of 7, I can't do that until another day. I'll get there, CQC, so that you may understand where I'm coming from, and where I am at now in the Maze of Dementia.

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  1. Taffy's Avatar
    That's a valid point you have pointed out about senior folk. My dad reckoned that senior folk were often treated like 'mushrooms' when trying to get advise or be told their rights about different decisions made effecting them.

    Take Care,