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friday 4.9 09

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weekend at last cant wait for next wed when me jan and cal are off to spain. have to grt my results wed morn and i know the big c will be back well they say its 5mm by 4mm so its only tiny havnt told dave or children yet will do that when i come back from hols. dave had assesment with analisha and is doing well on the antideppresants, if only we could have a conversation i cant imajine never hearing him speak properly again. becky has been to the drs and he thinks she is either diabetic or aneamic having bloods done tues, she has been ill now for ages . had a headach all day cause dave kept me awake all night with his snoring and mikey tried to get me up at 5 by pulling my hair, then he piddled on the landing. i still love him .

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