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sad nell

bitter sweet birthday

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not blogged for a while,awoke very early, think anti viral tablets must be dehydrating just cannot stop drinking, i mean water for a change, then i am up needing loo. but so glad i know why i felt so unable to cope with Trev and feeling tearfull at the drop of a hat. it is almost a relief to find i have shingles and that i am not.losing the plot. My birthday was made very special by all my friends on tp and the treats and flowers i recieved overwhelmed me. my daughter arranged for a lady to come and sort me out, plucked eyebrows, moustache, full body massage and manicure / pedicure, knew she was up to something so that morning gave toes some attention well hacked away at hard skin, and cut nails very short too short, poor lady had nothing to work with , but was very polite about my butchering of toe nails just prior to her visit, my daughter sarah and i just could not stop giggiling, dont think she will surprise me again., really missing trev now, cannot visit him because of shingles, just hope he remembers me, longest ever apart. but glad he is being taken care of by people i trust and they genuinely love him.wish it was sunny because i think i would just relax and read abook ,something not done for ages, but it is so windy and cold, my plants look very sorry for themselves this morning

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  1. Norrms's Avatar
    Hello my friend, its so sad to read you are missing Trev and its so apparent to all that you love hom so much, i am sure he knows that somewhere deep down. Your plants are not by themselves feelimg sorry as mine are to, but a bit of sunshine i am sendng your way will hopefully perk them up, try to have a better day, best wishes, Norrms and family xxx
  2. living in hope's Avatar
    Hi Pam
    Just seen your blog, glad you had a good birthday, make the most of your rest.
    Love Lorraine