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Wonderlander Update

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For those who now my situation, my mother is still out and about and now jumping in taxis which is a better way to end her journey of an evening (We have made ourselves known to the taxi company). I have had a interview with a Social worker who has arranged to have her taken into a Day Centre twice a week and monitor her condition so that if there are any changes on a week to week basis they can be acted upon (She thinks that she is helping others by going!). A memory clinic specialist doctor will be visiting us. T he living arrangement is working an absolute treat for us as she can be monitored for safety and cleanliness in the home without her realising it, so she is happy as she thinks she is totally independent. Bit like Mission Impossible with me darting through the interconnecting door unnoticed by her

She has her terrible temper tantrums and erratic behaviour just the same and trashed her room the day we ran out of her Arisept (wont let that happen again) We have doors, and we have locks, and and we have rules e.g I always knock when she is there - That is worth everything in the new set up but we are getting through so far.

I am not glamorising the move, and we understand that things are going to get a lot worse, but we shall use every help we can as it happens and the professionals have definately been on hand so far..............

This site is very good and I am taking good advice day by day

By the way - Everyone who recognises me talks about there own experiences with this dreadful disease so, yes - it was worth making the programme even if it got people thinking and talking about it, especially the young

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