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My uncle has been offered a job!

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We were going to have a skype conversation with my uncle today but the nursing home said he was in his room and they couldn't connect us. We could however, talk on the phone. Mum used to phone her brother every week but gave up because he would only say a couple of words and then NOTHING. She found it quite stressful. It seemed to her like he didn't want to speak and we came to the conclusion that he'd lost the ability to communicate this way. But today was brilliant. I put the phone on "speaker" so I could hear uncle too. It was remarkable really - it was as if he was his old self. He was chatty, aware of the weather, said he was sitting in his room looking at the sea and there were many sailing boats. He said that his foot was much better and that the doctor had told him that his problems were due to too many drugs. Mum referred to their uncle who celebrated his 92nd bithday in March (my great uncle). My uncle said tell Uncle J that I've been offered the job of Secretary to The Admiralty. Mum laughed thinking he was telling a joke. He then went on to say that he wasn't sure yet what the job entailed.
My uncle has been in the nursing home for a year now. Prior to that he was in another nursing home in a different county. He is so much better this year despite his physical health problems. It made us very happy on this Good Friday. My great uncle was intrigued about the job offer too!

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