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Opinions of Galantamine/Razadyne (formerly Reminyl) vs Aricept?

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Hi all

Haven't been on for a while. My dad is 74 and in the early stages of alzheimers... he has tried 'aricept'. Initially, he seemed to react well, seeming more alert and more focussed when chatting to him. However, he then became really tired, not wanting to get out of bed, not feeling 100%, not sleeping very well - but also becoming more confrontational.... which is very unlike him.

He was only on it for about 6 weeks, but he decided, along with my mum and also the nurse who comes to assess him every month, that it was best to come off it. So he did.

His behaviour initially was improved. No more confrontational behaviour, no more tiredness.... and his memory/brain seemed to be fine. However after about 3 weeks of being off 'aricept', we've all noticed more of a deterioration. His short-term memory is definitely getting worse.... repeating questions only 10 minutes after he'd asked them, completely forgetting that he'd been to a friend's house only 2 days before...denying that he'd been there.

The nurse and consultant have now recommended he try galantamine/razadyne. Although he's got the prescription he hasn't got the medication yet, as both he and my mum are concerned about the consequences of taking the medication. They need some kind of reassurances before doing so. It would be really helpful to know if any of you have good/bad opinions about it, compared to other types of medication.

We're obviously concerned about him deteriorating more quickly if he doesn't take the medication....

Hope to hear from you soon.

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    Hello Runner,

    I know you have been to the Forum before and posted on the main Forum. I am mentioning this as you may not be aware that this Blog section gets fewer responses and it may be better if you posted this on a new Thread there. This Blog section tends to be used by members as a sort of diary/log of events and that is ok if that is what you intended to do.

    This is the link to the main Support section and I hope to see you there:

    Best wishes
  2. Runner70's Avatar
    Thanks BeckyJan - that's really useful to know!! Still finding my way around the site.... as you can tell!