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My dad

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Hi everyone, I am a new member my dad was today finally diagnosed with Dementia, my dad's GP mentioned it about 6 months ago and we have been waiting until today, unfortunately/fortunately this was due to a minor fall on Wednesday eve and being taken into hospital. The sad news it has been really quick! In April we knew things where wrong but by Sept dad really started to show signs and I decided to move him the 200 miles to be closer so I could keep my eye on him. He has had carers calling 4 times a day with meds various other health issues, after overdosing a few times as he basically started to forget he had taken them and took more. Dad moved close on the 14th November and we arranged meals on wheels in addition. Unfortunately now we have been told he is no longer safe to be left alone I work full time and have a 10 year old son and really thank goodness I have been told as I was really not coping anymore. I have found it really hard as my relationship has always been quite difficult with my dad that I was breaking down with the pressure.

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