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A Lovely Weekend

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Paul, Dan and I went away to the Lake District for the weekend. I was so looking forward to getting away, I didn't care what the weather was going to be like. We stayed in a nice hotel, and I didn't have to do anything or worry about anyone as mum and dad were both being looked after in their separate places. I was concious that I have been fussing a bit with my mum and this came to a head Thursday I think when she told me to 'please leave me alone'. I'd found a pair of nail scissors in with her new glasses, commented that she was washing up in cold water and probably other stuff. I don't know when to just shut up at times and let her get on with things while she can.

Anyway, we had a great time, and I did think at one more than one point, that I wished it could go on being like that, with not having to worry about my old folks welfare and letting someone else do it and not just me. It was lovely just to be able to get up and decide what we were going to do for the day without having to plan for other people. I couldn't even phone and ask how either of them were as there was no signal, but for the last few times I've been out for the day or away for a weekend and I have phoned home, I've been given something to worry about and I didn't want that to happen this time. I sound horrible I expect, but in reality I care too much I think and that's what makes it hard for me at times.

I spoke to my kind aunt this morning and mum has had a good time, although they weren't able to go and see dad in his care home over the weekend, so he won't be too happy (see, fussing again....) Mum will be back this afternoon, and we're expecting some confusion later as always happens when she is out of familiar surroundings. She's only been away for four days so, this time here will seem strange again and she'll be wondering where she's going to sleep later. I'm looking forward to seeing her back and telling her all about our trip, but not getting back into all that. I really hate this disease and all the repetition and everything that goes with it and we are only in early stages. I have to go from day to day and as a wise person on here said, make the most of things now and not get het up about the future and what might happen.

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