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Too much information

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little friend margaret from the boat took me out for a coffee today and then we stopped off at a local church for a nosey around we both like a bit of history
I then rang doc and she had me in straight away as I'd had a lot of pain in my kidney area
I described the pain as like being hit with an elastic band if you know what i mean
(if you dont then get an elastic band in one hand pull it to as tight as you can and then let go of the end youre pulling!)
I was awake for hours the night before last and resorted to taking a very strong painkiller I had got left from when I cracked my knee cap
Anyway I thought she'd ask for a specimen so before I went in I got a bottle from the receptionist trotted off to the loo and then forgot to use the sample bottle!!!
managed to go back and produce quarter of a teaspoonful enough for her to detect blood in it
margaret was hysterical with laughter at my short term memory she said it proved a point
Dr must have wondered why I went into her laughing saying I'd been in terrible pain
Told her about the amazing video
She's given me more antibiotics I said "I was on some already" she said "what? and I said "nitroglycerine" she fell about laughing perhaps I could do with some dynamite
Upshot is doc thinks its kidney stones and has ordered a scan

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