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Hospital stay, 30th & 31st March 2011

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Wed. 30th: Rang the care home and asked if I could call in to meet Manager (he had left a message) after visiting Brian.

Brian asleep when I arrived at 10.30. Nurse asked if I could give him his meds. He had already been washed. He half-woke up and took 3 tablets and some liquid for his bowels, but could not stay awake. I am presuming that it is the anti-psychotic that knocks him out. Stayed for another 15 min. and then left to visit the care home.

The room is smaller than his last one but has its own bath, loo and wash-basin. "We would take Brian to one of the larger bathrooms in the corridor to be showered" the manager said. (After I had left the building, I wondered how a stand-aid/hoist would fit into the room, knowing that even in the hospital they have to shove Brian's bed to one side in order to have enough room to get him out of and back into his bed.) This room was on a higher floor than the one Brian was in for his respite week last year. There was a pleasant dining-room, lovely lounge and panoramic view to the sea, Purbecks and Isle of Wight. There were several chaps in the lounge, all was very peaceful, TV on but high in one corner and no sound. Several residents returned my "Good morning" and they all looked clean and tidy and peaceful - that word again. Plenty of staff about and friendly smiles. (Well, yes, because I was being shown around by the Manager. My cynical hat is becoming a little wedged in position, I fear.) But - I liked what I saw, most of all the faces of the people in the lounge, the present residents. They looked contented.

Drove home for lunch, rang CHC Team and she mentioned Friday as possible date to transfer Brian. She said Brian had already been assessed by the care home. ??? - So went shopping p.m. in M & S for more vests, pajamas and navy zip-up cardigan, to replace items "lost" by previous CH.

Evening: v. alert and full of smiles at first, but leaning R. Tried to prop him but he could not get upright. Very poor main course to meal (mashed pot. topped with thin layer of cheese - not ordered by me) but he ate most of it, plus soup, apple puree & custard, + spare ice cream. Plus coffee. Got more and more tired. Sound asleep at 7 p.m.

Nurse then asked if I had viewed the CH. Yes, and I was happy for him to go there. CHC said already assessed? "Verbally" she said. "I expect they will come and see him tomorrow."

Thurs. 31st: Brian had had some breakfast. V. drowsy again. He was shaved, washed, changed and creamed. Shouted at nurse during personal care but no threats or swearing. Exhausted at the end of it so he was to remain in bed until he was more awake.

P. from care home came for assessment/paperwork. Came to say hallo to Brian, asked how he was. "I am worried about not seeing properly." This is something new. Asked him later. "I cannot see properly." Realised later that it could be due to cataract in one eye not operated on. One eye done some time ago, other wasn't quite as bad. Put off op. because of small strokes, then major stroke, then onset of vas. dem. I left his glasses and a book with him and Ward Clerk will spend some time with him later to check he can still read. (But she did not report back to the Staff Nurse so don't know if this was done.)

Evening: Brian in his chair, bed stripped to mattress. Smiling, looking v. sheepish, saying he "had made a bloody fool" of himself. Laughed with him sympathetically - said again "I'm an idiot" - but he could not tell me what had happened so did not dwell on it.

Fed himself several mouthfuls of dinner for the first time in about 10 days. Ate most of 3 courses but v. tired at end. Put to bed at 7 and changed on the bed. He glared at Nurse "TYHOme" and shouted a couple of times in the hoist. But smiled once or twice as well.

When the clean pad was being put into place, his back to the nurse, he said "I'll try not to break wind", with a big grin, which made us all laugh aloud. Thanked for his consideration. V. tired but still not quite asleep when I left at 7.15. I asked when he had been put in his chair. Nurse checked: it had been 5 p.m., 20 mins. before I arrived.

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  1. rosaliesal's Avatar
    You are right. One tablet made my mum sleep for half of the day and eventually with a doubled dose from the doctor the sleep took over her life. At first three doctors told me that they did not know why she was sleeping so much as usually these tablets did not have this effect. Then one person admitted that if taken with other tablets "they are only just beginning to realize that they do make some people sleep" Now she is not on them at my request and she gets up at a more normal time.
  2. Nan2seven's Avatar
    Thank you so much for your post, rosaliesal. This is supposed to be a trial period (one week so far) and I am not altogether happy with the way he is so zonked still in the mornings. And if he is discharged on Monday, I must make sure that the meds. are reviewed again soon. He is indeed on a lot of other meds. as well. Love, Nan XXX