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It's my party...

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1 overseas visitor - 10 days. Lovely but not house-trained.

1 overnight guest - 1 day (but stripped own bed, 5 stars)

End of term things for boys - fantastic. More s though to draft in extra carers x 2.

Visit to Mum: Brother bearing flowers (lovely); free advice on How to Mend a Fence/Repair Hole in Kitchen Celing. Glowing report of new partner's listed stately home, duck pond, moat. Portcullis probably. Self-closing toilet seat almost certainly. Red rag to my bull. Couldn't he just do fence-mending instead of pontificating? Better still, why not contribute to the cost since he hasn't had to give up his job?

(As for asking about the boys' Easter holidays...what bloody holidays??!! Kids are lucky if we can get to the end of a Monopoly game in one sitting.)

Pending guests for April: 6 from overseas. In my spare time (!), I am to organise a Byronesque tour plus hotel stays. Husband shouting because I dare to point out that it's his family and actually I have been on my feet/working/caring for the last 19 hours. Shouting, because I didn't know exactly the path to explore with Beast. Shouting, because the plumber whom I called, hadn't fixed the leak properly. Shouting, because kitchen is untidy when I am not there.

Yup. We minus me = you. I want to scream.

Mum: acute and demented scratching. Apparently this is part of dementia. Not sure that the psychiatrist is right but the GP is kind and helpful. But there isn't a calamine pot that is sheep-dip size - and the local pharmacist probably thinks I'm crushing up anti-histamines and using them as croutons. Still, I didn't get spat at.

Indignant text from SIL: I tried to call you twice but you didn't answer! No. Guess what? I'm out mending a fence.....

MIL: bad tempered and in a funk. Threatened not to "eat in this restaurant again" last night because I hadn't served the other diners.

I don't do tears any more. I do high blood pressure instead. I am gradually turning into Violet Elizabeth Bott.
Much more and I shall sthcweem and sthcweem.

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  1. Christin's Avatar
    Oh Haylett, I don't mean to laugh but you do have a great way with words

    I hope the fence is mended and guests have been fed. And perhaps MIL might leave a tip
  2. Haylett's Avatar
    Hi Christin, sadly fence is still listing so I'm trying hard to ignore it! I'm so sorry about your FIL - the constant requests to go home are heart-rending. I hope it subsides soon and that he finds a kindred soul in the home. Did you manage to get the lamp fixed? Hx
  3. Christin's Avatar
    Oh Thanks. Yes the lamp is fixed
  4. Nannybus's Avatar
    You've done it again Haylett, made me laugh, but in an empathetic sort of way.

    Scream away kid, we hear you, pity those closer to you do not though! I feel weary for you, for all the things you do.

    Have many boxes of antihistamines, bought on line. No b****y good, of course, but 'croutons' hmmm ........
  5. Haylett's Avatar
    Hey Nannybus, it is so good to see you! True to my promise, I'm here to have a good old whinge and it's fantastically liberating to be indulged! I don't know about others, but I find I often frighten people who think that the Sunbeam stuff is for real, and that I'm Stepford-wife good. (Holding biblical tracts and wearing ankle socks and a beatific smile on the tube home from work in London was a great way to clear a few seats. Don't speak to the smiler..!. So the relief of hiding out here and speaking a few home truths is like a puff of fresh Beast breath!

    Have read some more about your experiences with the CH and your Mum. If faith could move mountains Nannybus, I would move the Himalayas for you, if I could. Everything - the intruder, the fall, - all is a miserable scandal but the fees are exploitation of the cruellest kind. Probably circumstances are impossible, but at home agency fees can't be more than this.
    Screaming with you, Nannybus.
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  6. Izzy's Avatar
    OMG Haylett. You deserve a`medal!!!