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Hospital stay cont'd: 26-29 March inc.

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Sat. 26th March: Woke at 5. Very tearful. Rang Matthew at 9. Visited Brian 10.30 to 11.15. Fine in hoist. Visited again 2.15 to 2.45. Brian put to bed after lunch. (Was just finishing it.) Fine in hoist again. Visited 5.15 to 6.30. He was wet, sheets, shirt and pad. All changed in bed. He swore at nurses and threatened to hit and bite them. BUT had been too sleepy at first to even wake up. Very vacant from time to time. Failed to respond to me several times = either immediately pre- or post-TIA behaviour. Fell asleep before he had finished his supper.

Sun. 27th March: Into hospital at 10.30. Waited an hour before they came to see to Brian. Still vacant and unresponsive. Definite TIA sometime yesterday. I suggested he remain in bed all day to "sleep it off". Sister "Take-Your-Hands-Off-Me" saw to him this morning and was being v. nice to me. But she did say "Let us know when you're coming in." I smiled. Have not done that so far and see no reason to begin now. (Was this because of yesterday afternoon's mid-afternoon visit? An unexpected one?) Full blown quarrel with her later when she lied about what had happened on Friday. See Diary Notes. Matthew says definitely complain.

Mon. 28th March: Hospital 10.20 to midday. Brian again v. drowsy and had eaten v. little breakfast. Nurse suggested he should perhaps have a "snack-pot" in the evening, after supper, to ensure he has 3 meals per day. And brought him several nutritious drinks to have when he wanted. I pointed out a sore area in his groin. Nurse said it might be an infection. She would tell docs and order Sudafed cream to put on it. Chased blood test for Dr. J. again. Brian said before his wash "I don't feel very well." [Ah, had forgotten that until typing it that moment.]

2.30 - 3: Took letter of complaint and copy to PALS.

Evening visit, Brian on oxygen having had a further seizure. Asked nurse to check Brian had been put on something in place of Amlodipine now stopped - used to be on Doxazosin - BP high over last 2 or 3 days.

Tues. 29th March: Tel. call at 9.10 from Ann S. of CHC. BH may have a vacancy. Said I was interested. She would contact Brokerage. Hospital rang her at 10.40 to say I was on ward and could go straight to BH from there (500 yds up same road). She had still not contacted Brokerage.
Brian v. drowsy again.

I was asked to go to "Quiet Room" and was joined by Dr. V. Short talk about anti-psychotics. Brian's behaviour at night = threats to punch and bite. Was there anything else I wished to discuss?
(How quickly is news of a complaint relayed to the ward, I wondered.) "Not at this point" I replied. All very amicable. I saw no reason to mention my letter. Brian put in his chair at 11.45. I will go back and check later.

Went to Bank and then hospital. Brian fast asleep. "Put to bed 10 mins. ago" = 3 hrs. exactly in chair. Told by super male nurse D. who had washed, changed and hoisted Brian this morning. He had handled it all so well, with just me helping, Brian had said "Give him a kiss!" "Not quite appropriate, sweetheart, so will give him a big thank you instead." We all three enjoyed that.

Hospital at 5.20. Brian back in his chair, but leaning on pillows and tired. He ate 2 courses and mug of coffee. D. again - put him back to bed. L. hand swollen (hurting this morning but not swollen then).

Asked D. this morning if Sudafed cream had arrived, showed him sore area in Brian's groin. He said it was not necessary for it to be ordered, it was "in the cupboard" and he went and fetched a pot on the spot. Applied some this morning and more this evening. (Why could yesterday's nurse not have done the same?) D. handles him excellently. Asleep by 7 p.m.

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  1. Skye's Avatar
    Glad you have a good nurse looking after Brian, Nan. <aybe you should have given him that kiss!

    I think a copy of your letter would have been sent to the consultant and to the ward immediately on receipt.
  2. Nan2seven's Avatar
    That particular nurse, Hazel, (learned this from another visitor whose husband has been there for 12 weeks) walked to work this morning, began his shift at 7 a.m. and was still there at 7 p.m. when I left Brian this evening. He is just brilliant with Brian.

    I told the PALS lady I don't want 'phone calls or informal discussions. I want the matter dealt with in writing. And she fully understood. I have said all I want to say in my letter.

    Love, Nan XXX
  3. Skye's Avatar
    You're right to insist on a written response, Nan. These interviews/informal discussions are stressful, and you have too much stress already.