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  1. **Travelling and Tiredness and general lack of quality of life **

    Hi all,
    This is my first post so here goes. My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimers and Vascular Dementia over 2 years ago. Unfortunately my parents live 250 miles away. This in itself is enough concern, dad is now 83 and mum 79. I try and visit evey 4-5 weeks or so to see whats going on and lend a helping hand. My brother lives approximately 110 miles from my parents and also visits on a regular basis.The family-my brother and myself and respective partners have seen the decline in his condition. ...
  2. for my daughter

    Parental Recollections By Charles Lamb 17751834
    A child's a plaything for an hour;
    Its pretty tricks we try
    For that or for a longer space;
    Then tire, and lay it by.

    But I knew one, that to itself
    All seasons could controul;
    That would have mock'd the sense of pain
    Out of a grieved soul.

    Thou, straggler into loving arms,
    Young climber up of knees,

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  3. an outing in the offing

    On Saturday Lucy's daughter is taking me to reading to a college reunion which should be fun. She was a few years ahead of me.
    Yesterday was Lucys 88th birthday I made her a card on the theme of two fat ladies which made her really laugh, it was Sams birthday too she was 44 I thought about making her a card of one fat lady but decided against it
    I know how to keep my friends
  4. Can still Flirt at 78 with Vascular Dementia

    My mother recently had to have her wedding rings removed. This was really difficult and the times we had tried this either in hospital or the care home mum shouted and got really upset. It was suggested to me that the fire brigade would come to the home and cut the ring off. All very stressful and worrying.

    Three Fire Men turned up with their fire engine and charmed my mother. Yes, it was still upsetting but they did such a wonderful job and my mum had a great time flirting with ...
  5. husband attacked

    Hi there,
    Im a bit worried for my husband who is in a NHS assessment ward and he has been attacked by one of the patients. The nursing staff were very appologetic and have filled in a form which I believe is a legal document. He has a cut on his nose and as you can imagine is frightened. He is awaiting the results from a panel meeting to see who will fund him. It has been recommended that he recieves CHC. However, I am concerned for his welfare. Does this happen often?Is there anything I ...