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  1. Help needed as we are getting out of our depth.

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    Seems that this week we have made a breakthrough as Maureen`s sister has written a letter to all three doctors.

    Maureen went to see the mental health doctor last Friday which by that time had read the letter so it paved the way for he meeting.

    Now that this has happened he is going to get SS involved as he feel that this has gone on far to long and with Uncle knocking Auntie to the floor put a whole new perspective on this issue.

    Auntie has seen here
  2. Hello

    Hi All,
    My name is Maria, and today is the first time iI have logged on to the site.
    My mother has been diagnosed with dementia, and i need some advice.
    my mom lives with my dad and they both in their 70,s, my dad is her main carer, but just recently she has been having blank spots and not recognising him, saying to get out of her house, that she has never been married and even asking him not to sleep in the same room. She gets really aggressive then through the night calls ...
  3. The Success and Birth of DAD day xxxxxxx

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    The Birth
    Dementia Awareness Day
    17th Sept 2011
    Well, for once I really don’t know where to start!!LOL. To say the day was a success is the biggest understatement the world has ever heard LOL. The moment we opened the door at 11am to the moment we closed them 5 hours later at 4pm we were so busy it was like being at Harrods in a January sales!!LOL (not that I have ever shopped in Harrods LOL)
    At 11-30am practically half of Torquay’s councillors
  4. September - a month to reflect

    September was the month we returned to school after the long summer holiday. I hated the end of the summer but it was good to see everyone again - they always seemed different and to have grown so much.

    Years pass so quickly and September always reminds me of milestone times, tinged with sadness.

    My dearest dad died on 2nd September 2008. I recall a fine rain falling relentlessly. He was released at last from his terrible suffering.

    My darling husband ...
  5. nanfred

    Well, nephew has decided not to move in. Can't say I blame them as there was so much to take on.We, inc. Mum, have just got back from acouple of days away, to go and see other nephews' passing out parade. All very tired now, especially me.Because I'm single, it's down to me to be in charge of Mum. Anyway, it was a lovely time. Got lots of photos. Mum kept getting mixed up on whose POP it was though. She has 5 grandsons, and this was her third POP, so can't blame her lol. What is of concern though, ...