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  1. Personal Budget problems

    My husband has dementia with parkinsons disease & we have had many hours or discussion with Social Workers . They have got us a Personal Budget & asked me to open an account to receive the money. I signed all the forms to start beginning Sept. & as the first invoice arrived I discovered that the money had not gone into this account. my Social Worker explained on the phone today that, because my husband has a good pension we have to pay for the two firms of carers who visit us. I understand ...
  2. se please help feeling sick

    i suffer with early onset does any one out there who have early onset suffer with feeling sick the whole time i have insuli dependant diabetic so have to eat i will eat cereals and toast any thing other my tummy gurgles grunts and feels rotten this early onset is so awful iv had it 2 yrs im only 43 iv always worked as a carer so i no what is to come sallyrogers
  3. Brighton Marathon 2012

    Hello all.
    I must have done that fateful thing and mixed alcohol with the internet, and I've ended up signing up to run the Brighton Marathon in 2012 for The Alzheimer's Society.
    I am not a runner!
    Anyway, is anyone else out there doing this?
    I could do with a fellow idiot to swap training nightmares with!
  4. Help needed as we are getting out of our depth.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Underwood View Post
    Seems that this week we have made a breakthrough as Maureen`s sister has written a letter to all three doctors.

    Maureen went to see the mental health doctor last Friday which by that time had read the letter so it paved the way for he meeting.

    Now that this has happened he is going to get SS involved as he feel that this has gone on far to long and with Uncle knocking Auntie to the floor put a whole new perspective on this issue.

    Auntie has seen here
  5. Hello

    Hi All,
    My name is Maria, and today is the first time iI have logged on to the site.
    My mother has been diagnosed with dementia, and i need some advice.
    my mom lives with my dad and they both in their 70,s, my dad is her main carer, but just recently she has been having blank spots and not recognising him, saying to get out of her house, that she has never been married and even asking him not to sleep in the same room. She gets really aggressive then through the night calls ...