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  1. Home sick mother with AD

    My mother has been in a care home now for six months and she is still very unsettled Visiting is becoming impossible as she gets very angry and agitated and demands to go back home. I have been trying to see her on a regular basis to break up the boredom in the home but despite my best attempts to please her she seems constantly frustrated. The care home is very nice and the staff are good but my mother is really unhappy. I have tried to help her by continuing the busy life she had before with ...

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  2. How long?

    On Friday I met John coming out of his house.
    "How are you, John?"
    "Not too bad! Not too bad!"
    "Where are you off to?"
    "I'm going for my dinner."
    "It's ten o''clock in the morning."
    "Are you sure?"
    "Look at your watch there, John."
    "Oh yes, so it is. Anyway, I'd best be on my way."
    "Where are you going. now?"
    "I'm going for my dinner." ...
  3. What's in a name?

    I was thinking last night (yes, it is something I do sometimes!) and an episode from my childhood popped into my mind quite clearly.

    I was about eight at the time and in bed, mulling over all sorts of questions in my head. One of them was how I fitted into the family.

    I remember suddenly coming over with complete confusion, because although I knew my brother and I came from my parents, and my mum came from her parents - I suddenly couldn't get my head around the fact ...
  4. Stop start stop start just had a week holiday 4 days of been normal

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    We recently had a break at a specialist hotel with my family they took care of my mother which meant we could relax in her company for a change I might say we could relax and sleep in fact mum was a pleasure and her condition improved wish the carers we were allocated worked for me they made a differance and for a few days we were a normal family and mum was great but been home a week and back to reality until next time and save up Well done hotel carers it stops it starts
  5. Early Days..Or Is It?

    Mum had a visit from a district nurse from the mental health team who told mum that she was in the early stages of Alzheimer's but she seems to have been confused for at least a couple of years.

    I guess what has happened was that mostly she seemed OK and now and again she would have moments of confusion but now she is mostly confused and now and again seems OK.

    Mum seems to go back to being very childlike...sleeping with her teddy bears and talking to them on the sofa. ...

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