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  1. I don't know where to begin!!!

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    First, I have never been a blogger, if I make a mistake, I apologize. My Mom has been diagnosed with Alzheimers for 10 years,now 77 years of age...My Dad, her caregiver, had a heart attack Nov 2010, stroke Feb 2011, now has vascular dementia. As of 1 May, I have put them both in assisted living in the US. Couple of things....My grandpa had alzheimers, is this genetic or environmental? Looked on map and discovered that the Chingford area has a high rate of dementia. What do you do with 2 different
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  2. Activities with mum

    Every visit to mum I try to think of positive activities that we can do together. My main aim is to always ensure we laugh. Not always easy as mum moods can change so quickly as I may just say something wrong.

    We have been painting with water on pictures that appear. Singing Scottish songs (as mum is Scottish), singing show songs, playing catch, reading poems and reading books.

    Funny but looking back at photographs which at one point mum enjoyed now just makes ...
  3. post holiday

    so we decided to go away

    it was hard to say goodbye for 10 days

    I felt out of touch, out of control

    I know he was cared for but now I am in tears.

    Have come back to be hit with the following

    he has had several falls UTI & the runs
    they want to to know about his end of life plan

    hassle over his BT , Sky & bank all to be sorted urgently but its bank holiday

  4. Advent full week

    by on 27-05-2011 at 03:13 PM (Christmas without you mum)
    What a week got told off from physio but shoulder seems to be doing well compared with last time
    Mums has been really confused these past few weeks and has been sleeping a lot during the day I can't push the wheelchair and I'm not allowed to drive to thursday
    Took mum to her hospital appointment and she is deteriorating in her breathing and her muscle wasting so although I new deep down was hard to except one good thing that came out was I now have control over her oxygen so ...
  5. 26th May 11

    Not so much about my Dad, i forgot to mention that i bought a new 2nd hand car not too disimular to what i already have. It's a four door... so more practical for my parents to get in and out. plus it's a little bigger for getting ALL our mega shopping in! and boy we can shop for Britain
    I'm resting up today i have just give my back a twist so is hurting a little bit! I did manage to get out and do some shopping though this morning.