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  1. Kingfisher5

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any useful feedback regarding coconut oil? We have read quite a lot of stuff on the internet claiming its benefits. Wondered if anyone has any beneficial stories to share. Thanks
  2. Government and Benefits

    I dont know if I am doing this right I have early signs of dementia and I live on my own I am determined to stay independant as possible. I have not for a while and next month I have been called in by the benefits office to see if I am fit for work, I have informed them I have dementia. my family are so angry about the way I am being treated by this government department and I am scared and worried today is a good day but what happens tomorrow i do not know.
  3. How long?

    First of all, thank you to everyone who has written to offer support or advice. I intend to keep writing this blog until some practical support is offered by the State. It is now three, nearly four months and we are stll waiting.

    The problem seems to lie in several areas:
    John does not have any known relatives.
    He does not appear to have any close friends.
    He has over 30000 in savings although he has no idea how to access this.
    He is not yet in receipt ...
  4. Pressure to move out of hospital

    My father suffers from Alzheimers and recently had a stroke. He was admitted into hospital and is now in a Stroke Rehab Unit. We have been informed by the Social Worker / NHS that he should go into an EMI nursing Home. We have put his name down on the waiting lists for several homes, but the problem is that there are no spaces. The NHS has written to us advising my father is to be discharged due to a bed crisis and want to know what is happening with him. They have suggested an interim care ...
  5. Social Worker Responsibilities

    Good evening everyone,

    I have an old friend who has been in a psychiatric ward since the end of March. He has been allowed home for a weekend, then on the heels of that, allowed to stay at home for a whole week.

    He is innocently irritating his neighbours (he is the youngest of the bunch at 76), with his frequent visit and lack of social queues. He has asked one neighbour to hold money for him, so that she can pay his bills using her debit card and then pay the equavalent ...