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  1. Day 27

    Hi Dad.

    Im down in the dumps today and I feel dreadfull, I think its because I know tomo its a month since you went and I feel all weepy. The weathers rubbish torrential rain again and its cold I think I need some sun.
    Im dreadfully tired, and I did get some sleep last night but I just feel glum.

    I was a bit short with the kids this morning and Tess is been a bit trying today we have been out for most of it. Im just cooking their tea and i think tonight im just ...
  2. hard day

    Today was the day we started to pack up dads things, It was so hard as it has suddenly made it all so real.
    This is really happening, dad is not going to have some miraculous recovery which will allow him to come home

    we went to the home & it was really nice even the lady from the laundry & the cook came to see us
    the first to check we had labelled everything & where to go if things didn't get back to him from the laundry
    the second to check if dad ...
  3. TWO more days

    So we have just spent the morning sorting out dads wardrobe. getting rid of clothes that are too big or worn out
    trying to decide what he should take & what to leave behind
    labeling every thing & deciding what photos we should take

    how hard is this?
    when do we decide to get rid of pots pans & stuff he has accumulated over the years?
    it feels like he died

    so now we need to load up the car & go
  4. another cooking disaster

    Last night Harriet was going out and had made some pitta bread in the bread machine, had left it rising and asked me to cook it, simple eh?!
    unfortunately . . . i got farenheit and centigrade mixed up and the pitta breads could have been used as roof tiles
    I decided i'd have another go at making them, bad idea
    i carefully measured everything and put it in the breadmachine and left it for its 1 hr 30 mins as instructed when i came to look at it it was just ...
  5. Day 26

    Hi Dad,

    I know Im writing this early but it will probably be my only chance today. Bears gone back to bed, James is still in bed, Richards gone to golf and taken Ellen to Spanish, Troys walked and Iv done my run so all in all its been a mega hectic morning.

    Im multi tasking trying to eat and drink at the same time, Iv to pick Ellen up by 11 am and drop her off home and then take Tesss to her play centre place for an hour. Then come back make dinner put her back to bed ...