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  1. need a break but!

    the wandering and repetition is constant all day long.
    i know i should take a respite will be the first time.
    so WHY !do i feel so guilty?
    because rich is only 65.finding somewhere suitable is not easy
    went to visit a home on saturday:every resident were in their rooms most very frail and many bed can i put rich in there.
    because his needs require nursing as well.{he wears colostomy bag and urostomy} places are few.but i know i need the break! ...
  2. Thank you March hare

    Thanks for your kind words. We haven't given up on mum but won't pressure her - she has her reasons. We need to make sure she doesn't have regrets further down the line.

    We had a great day with dad yesterday at my brother's house. He was laughing and joking - unbelievable really. Hope it lasts a while.

    I liked the prayer - as a family we are not too sentimental and can't be doing with shmaltz. Dad is the same. The prayer was perfect and let us get inside his head ...
  3. Worried sick Dad into respite the weekend

    Quote Originally Posted by massolina View Post
    I know what it is like with dad as I spent a fortnight with him last year when my stepmum went on a cruise.and see and speak to him often.

    Seems strange I wonder why she thought she couldn't ask you again this year
    Thats because my husband who had a heart attack a triple bypass at Xmas and works a 6 day wek without having had holidya for 6 Years need one this year and we ařre unable to take the time off.
  4. Informal Resolution Meeting from PCT

    Following our claim for NHS Continuing Health Care and an initial rejection (our claim being out of time) we have been offered an informal resolution meeting by
    my late mother's PCT.
    We feel we have a strong case with documentary evidence. Does anyone have experience of such a meeting? If so would appreciate advice as to what we should expect and how best to handle the various issues involved.
  5. Spectacles and Teeth loss of, by whom?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Edgerton View Post
    Why on Talking Point do I see loss of spectacles and teeth its the dementia?

    In a care home a resident may very well be assisted with morning bathing and dressing. Carer makes sure spectacles are on and teeth in.

    Breakfast, teeth for eating, spectacles for seeing the food.

    Mid day tea and biscuit, teeth for eating, spectacles for seeing the food.

    Lunch time, teeth for eating, spectacles for seeing the food.

    Mid afternoon