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  1. popplestone

    Help........ What do I do ?Today at 4pm my husband was extremely aggressive , He takes himself off to bed during the day and then becomes very angry at any noise either inside or outside the house,
    Today he accused me of deliberately disturbing him and threatened to smash my face in. He looked so disturbed and angry that I thought he was going to hit me. He followed me downstairs and then said he wanted to teach me a real lesson so that I would not disturb him again.
    I could not believe ...
  2. On life's journey, don't forget your handbag

    by on 30-01-2012 at 01:33 PM (Lest we forget to smile)
    So it happened. A week ago last Wednesday Mum was formally diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. This didn't come as a bolt out of the blue. I guess Alzheimer's rarely does, especially not for close family who see the changes and contraction of ability in their loved one. Even for the sufferer, at the minimum they're probably aware something's changing - forgetting where you left your keys a bit too often or that constant and frustrating hunt for names that should trip off the tongue with ease. Maybe ...

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  3. Mirtazapine.

    could any one help me with feed back on taking Mirtazapine.
    My father has vascular dementia and after taking varius drugs, Mirtazapine seemed to be working and not the side afects of the others.
    The problem is we where adviced for him to take at night and this would knock him out till the morning. Not the case he gets up inthe night to go to the toilet and some times he wakes up frightened or has bad dreams.
    He started on 15mg. tablet and before christmas that was increased ...
  4. Bringing mum home after 2 years in Residential Care, Anyone else had same experience

    Hi everyone I am returning to this forum after an absence of approx 3 years, when I provided care for mum in her own home. Mum has now been in care since October 2009, at that time we could no longer provide a safe environment for mum and she was refusing any other help. My family and I were devistated at the time that mum had to go into care she had always expressed her dread of this happening but social services agreed with us that it was was in her best interests at the time.
    Mum has deteriorated ...
  5. Holiday

    I and my long suffering husband are going on holiday on Tuesday and it is much needed. However, ........ I feel so guilty about going away and leaving my wonderful Mum. Although she still lives in her own home I see her every day to make sure she is eating, taking medication, all the normal stuff, and I know I have made arrangements for her to be cared for whilst I am away, but I still feel this enormous guilt about leaving her.
    We all need a break, this I understand, sometimes just to ...