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  1. Brother-in-law now hardly able to cope

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    My brother-in-law is a very capable, independent 84 year old who has been married to his wife, H, for 62 years. Unfortunately, H has had alzheimers for several years and is now in the advanced stages of the illness. He has no support from outside, family or otherwise and it all came to a head when he rang my husband during the week and broke down. He saw his G.P. yesterday and it has been suggested that H should go into a home, if only for a short period to enable my brother-in-law to have a
  2. Introducing myself march hare

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    This is my first time on talking point just acquired a computer.
    I have been a carer for my husband seven years he was diagnosed age 58
    then two years ago with terminal cancer double whammy
    but today is a good day and that is what i try to focus on
    i am looking foward too sharing with other carers
  3. How do you help someone who refuses to take help?

    This is my first blog post. My mother has suffered from dementia for years. She still manages to live on her own, with thrice daily visits from carers and a lot of support from me.
    However, Mum has ongoing chest problems and is currently suffering from a nasty infection. Her GP wanted to send her to hospital and she refused to go. SHe is staying with me and I am having trouble getting her to eat and drink. I've tried to encourage her to get into the shower to ease her chest, but she won't ...
  4. Coping with the great grandchildren

    Hi, my mum and dad are both in the same care home. Mum has dementia and dad is blind and quite frail. Today they had to be given separate rooms because my poor mum will not give my poor dad a minutes peace however, my other problem is my grandchildren who are aged 2 and 4. They are the apple of both mum and dads eyes. They have been visiting them since they went into the home 4 months ago but it is getting increasingly more traumatic for them. Some of the other residents are grabbing hold of ...
  5. Good reult with Dad

    Quote Originally Posted by Canadian Joanne View Post
    Massolina, my mother responded very well to memantine also. She is still on it although I doubt it is having much of any effect now. But we're keeping her on it until she is incapable of swallowig the pills. I'm thankful that we have that option.
    Well you know how to Pee on my strawberries don't you !