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  1. Joint accounts

    May I warn all carers that if your sibling has a joint bank account with your Mum/Dad that once that parent has died the money in the account automatically becomes the property of the sibling in question. Not even a will can force any changes to this arrangement. Unless anyone out there knows different - I would be very grateful.Thanks Nanny Ann
  2. Advice needed

    Quote Originally Posted by jenniferpa View Post
    Have you thought of asking the vet if there is another option to this specific twice a day regimen? I mean, perhaps there's a medication that could be given once a day which would have the same effect.
    no the vet saya she needs to have twice a day. The poor man would be so upset if he lost her. We reckon he may have to go into a home by christmas but, He say he's not going if the dog can't come. He lost so much already.
  3. Memory books i'm giving a talk

    Quote Originally Posted by creativesarah View Post
    On friday the 29th July I am giving a talk in the evening on Memory Books, how to make them and how to use them to help the cared for and the carer.
    This will be my 'Don't curse the darkness - light a candle evening'
    If anyone has anything they would like me to mention please let me know and also your thoughts on this
    I found a website today where you can make a free online memory book
    I'm going to have a go at making one and will keep you posted
    its called
  4. Help

    Good Morning,

    Sorry I havent posted for some time but i have been reading all the posts.

    My mum been taken into a carehome for her own saftey. This was done my the memory clinc and the caremanager. I am find this a very hard the guilt monster is taking over. Although the times with the type of dementia my mum had was very difficult I am missing her very much, I go and visit her every day, she;s also not to happy at the home. on top of the above issues the care manager ...
  5. A Typical Day

    On the days I know I have to go to my mum's, I wake up with a hard knot of dread inside of me which slowly begins to unravel the closer it comes to leaving for her house.

    Even after all these years I dread going there, I dread what I'll find. Sometimes the closer I get to her house the stronger the desire to vomit becomes. I feel as though I'm going to throw up right there in the car. My head starts to pound and my palms become sweaty - I suppose its the typical 'flight or fight' ...