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  1. Day 11, Cycle 3

    by , 06-11-2012 at 05:35 PM (My Friend Screen)
    I was told the treatment would be long term which could be 18 months or more I was told that without treatment I would be dead within the year and probably much sooner.

    As soon as I saw the names Michael and Ellie I knew Sending love to you all.

    Today has been another bad day. I am beginning to forget what good days are like as I don't seem to have had a really good day for a long time. I feel that I am experiencing all different grades of 'bad'. I am suspecting ...
  2. More light moments

    Quote Originally Posted by beesby View Post
    I've forgotten how to post on this thread/forum so the best thing is to reply to myself, I guess. Today my darling husband proposed to me. Again. We were married in 2000, so it was a delight to think he feels the same way as we did back then - or way back to when we met in 1993. One day I'll add the story of our wedding. A day of delight. But this is enough for now. I don't come here often, so if someone will kindly tell me how to post on this forum thread without 'replying' to myself perhaps I'll
  3. My father's amazing life line

    Hello i'm new to this website but feel i have to share my story in the hope of helping some others in my situation.

    My 84 year old father has dementia.He had been getting worse and worse to the point that my mother was a little afraid of his bouts of anger and he didn't remember my son, his grandson recently and was becoming more and more vacant and sad.

    I had read reveiws over the years on l-arginine helping but after 2 years of giving him coconut oil and l-arginine ...
  4. Just wondering what happens next....


    Just wondering how to deal with a person who continually denies that they have alzheimers and refuses any kind of help, also lately has started to refuse meds to slow down the disease. Is there likely to be a quick decline in health or behaviour etc. Does anyone have any experience of this or how to persuade somebody to take their meds etc ? Whats the best course of action, taking into account that of course the person has personal choice??

    Thanks for any ...
  5. Day 10, Cycle 3

    by , 05-11-2012 at 07:01 PM (My Friend Screen)
    First of all, please don't feel bad if you don't comment on these blogs. I don't expect comments - I don't really expect anyone to even read them. I have to do the blogs to help the medics try to decipher what is side effects to meds, what is amyloidosis, what is nephrotic syndrome, what might be an infection etc. etc. The tags help. I send off the list of symptoms to London each month. I will be going to London on the 29th November just for the day (that's if I am fit to travel there and back). ...