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  1. Mini rant!

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    I'm going into to hospital for day surgery tomorrow - but my husband keeps forgetting!

    I have lost count of the number of times over the past couple of days when my husband has looked surprised whenever the subject of my surgery crops up. He knows I will be off work for a while but he can't remember why. He seems to think that I have a lot of leave I need to use up suddenly and that's why I finished work today!

    He has already asked me four times in the last hour what
  2. Day four

    by , 04-09-2012 at 11:29 PM (My Friend Screen)
    I slept like a log and woke feeling very refreshed. I decided it was a good day for pilates. I felt totally relaxed at pilates which made me rather light-headed. I couldn't be sure whether it was relaxation or a side effect of the medication. I had read about light headedness. It was a nice feeling anyway so I wasn't troubled.

    We came across an old church and I saw a thing on the wall which said "Peace be with You" and another which said "Be not Afraid - Let not ...
  3. Day Three

    by , 03-09-2012 at 10:47 PM (My Friend Screen)
    Last night I came out in a rash. It was on my face, neck, chest and upper arms. Just looked like I'd been in the sun. It wasn't a raised rash and it didn't itch. It was just a presence. This could be a side effect of the medication. It took a little while longer to get to sleep last night.

    I woke on Day 3 feeling wonderful again. I really wanted to go swimming but I was concerned that the chlorine might make the rash worse. I rang the specialist nurse and she asked me questions ...
  4. Is there a homeopathic treatment for hyper-activity

    My wife has severe altziemers, and her hyper-activity is really getting me down. Wherever I go she follows me, every time I stand up she does the same, she never sits down and relaxes, trying to prepare meals is a nightmare, she stands at my shoulder trying to toutch the food. My life would be a lot easier if she did not have the urge to keep following me everywhere. Her doctor is not keen to prescribe drugs for it. So I wondered if anyone knew of a homeopathic treatment that would make her relax ...
  5. Day Two

    by , 02-09-2012 at 09:29 PM (My Friend Screen)
    I slept soundly and woke feeling very rested and well. I took the meds and the injection which will be a routine from now on. I got up immediately because I felt absolutely marvellous - better than yesterday.

    I was having my sister visit me this afternoon, Linda with Downs Syndrome, otherwise I would have suggested to Martin that we go for a bike ride. Seriously Screen I felt so well. Tomorrow if I feel well again I am going to go swimming and see how it feels. I doubt I will ...