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  1. I wonder if feeling cold played a part in this?

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    Yesterday started off with a new experience for us - but one which I was aware would more than likely happen eventually, having read so many posts of others' experiences.

    When my husband got up, he seemed a little vague and looked a little lost.

    I thought maybe he had slept heavily and was just taking a bit longer to wake up than usual.

    He got washed, dressed, cleaned his teeth etc, so in that respect, everything was fine - but it just seemed at a much
  2. How do I Appeal a driving licence being revoked?

    Not sure how to start, its my first time on any kind of blog.

    My dad is 76yrs old, and a widower for nearly 5 years living on his own. I live a ten minute walk away. We had noticed changes in personality and memory before my mom passed, but had no idea it could be dementia - always put it down to retiring and medication.
    After being summoned by his GP and following scans, last year he was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia and Alzheimers with the possibility of at least 2 minor ...
  3. Loosing it.....

    Doesnt happen often.... but this is not a case of losing things although we loose many objects.... but more me losing the plot this morning ... unfortuantly in anger.

    Partners been roaming around pushing and pulling things around since around 5.30am... Woke up hearing his daily shuffling of items around the room..... Starting to feel tense.......

    Refuse collection today - comes early and after a snow day the wheelie is stacked up with rubbish.- cant go another 2 weeks.. ...
  4. Finding missing things ......oh its the hamster this time....

    Daughter been begging for a pet for ages... Her friend had done her time with a hamster Goldie who is 1 year old -so thought OK lets go for it. Give my daughter something to focus on rather than the AD and a useful diversion for us all.

    Goldies been with us 2 weeks - settled in rather well - easy to care for and not being a pet guru -everything seemed to be going swimmingly till this morning.........

    Hamster cage/dome (upstairs part) was wide open - sawdust everywhere.... ...
  5. Needless worries

    One of the things I have noticed is the way stories in the news are starting to impact on my husband's general peace of mind.

    For the last few weeks, almost on a daily basis, he has been asking how the 'extra bedroom tax' is going to affect us.

    Each time I have assured him that it isn't going to affect us in the slightest as we are paying our own private mortgage and are not claiming any kind of housing (or other benefit) anyway. Even if we were, we do not have a spare ...

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