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  1. Daily doings

    When Dad got up today, he said he had heard on the radio
    that their was something going on at Birchington including a dog show , would I like o go

    He phoned the radio programme, the first time he was told the host would give it out again , he didnt, I looked whats on in Birchington and got nothing useful

    he phoned them again and was told their was something going on at minnis bay

    So these two big grown up kids (86 and 60 yrs) went and spent a nice ...
  2. Hi in need of help please

    by , 27-08-2012 at 10:24 AM (can someone please help.CAREHOME NEEDED UNDER 65)
    Quote Originally Posted by shyanne View Post
    Hi my name is angela my husband age 66 in 4th year of alzheimer's.for the last month he has not slept at night,he is now in mental health hospital and has been for near on three weeks,still no sleep,it seems at night he changes into a different person,climbing furniture,paranoid,scary stuff.with all the different sleeping drugs they are giving him still no sleep,went to visit yesterday with young daughters,and he didn't even acknowledge them was heartbreaking,i am sooooo distressed at his decline
  3. The future and its imponderables

    Strange as it must sound, in many ways I am 'relieved' that, if this awful illness had to attack my husband at all, at least least it has come at a younger age for him (58) and me (51).

    Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't wish this disease on my worst enemy. My relief is purely in that we have reached a stage of life where our children are grown-up and I am still physically active with no major health problems.

    How much harder it must be for couples who face this disease ...
  4. Having a good weekend

    It's nice having a long bank holiday weekend to enjoy - nicer still that I also have Tuesday off next week - so that makes a good four day break :-)

    My husband has been doing really well this weekend. If I didn't know any better, I would say there is nothing wrong with him, he has just been his old self.

    While he was out of the house playing bowls yesterday (and dodging a huge thunderstorm) I decided to get on and do some practical odd-jobs around the house like fixing ...
  5. My Dad

    I went with Dad to gp yesterday
    Dad had has had pain in both feet, both swollen swelling going up to his calf

    Typically when dad got up both feet were much improved, their was still some discolouration and all the pain but most of the swelling had gone dowm
    Only the other week his allopurinol for gout had been increased at my request, then this trouble started

    anyway gp had a good look at his worst foot

    I asked if it could still be gout ...