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  1. Our Apple Tree

    Here I stand, at the end of our garden,
    I've been here through the years
    The seasons pass; the warm, the cold,
    The smiles and the tears

    You've seen me blossom and you've eaten my fruit,
    But my bark is thicker now
    I am gnarled and diseased, but still I am pleased
    That you're here with me while I grow

    The rings in my trunk are counting my age,
    and my leaves are coming lose
    I stand in our garden, vulnerable and bare, ...
  2. Hospital advised against operation

    Quote Originally Posted by LynneMcV View Post
    Well, my husband had his hospital appointment today - yes we made it there in time despite all the pandemonium caused by the helicopter crash - such horrible news

    The consultant was really understanding. First he confirmed that the lump was not cancerous (huge relief).

    Next he talked to my husband about an operation he could have to remove the lump - but he strongly recommended against having it done.

    In particular, we talked about the dementia side
  3. I have never...

    Quote Originally Posted by helloworld View Post
    I've never had a mortgage
    I've never been engaged
    I've never had a pregnancy
    I've never been on stage

    I've never had a filling
    or been thrown out of a bar
    I've never held a license
    and I've never crashed a car

    I've never been on drugs
    I've never broken a bone
    I've never made you pay the bill
    on my mobile phone

    I've never done anything bad enough
    to warrant a criminal file
  4. Life Saving Medication stopped Abruptly, has anyone experienced such decisions?

    Hi everyone. on 12th December my Mum (who has AD and VD) had a fall and fractured her pelvis in two places. Unfortunately the emergency services took her to a hospital outside Mum's council Borough and I had to eventually contact the local social services to get her moved back into a care home in our area. I have now learned that the following medications were stopped by a Consultant in the hospital and I am extremely afraid of the consequenses. The following drugs were managed really well by ...
  5. Working women and their expert juggling of career and care

    I have been caring for my Mom for some time now, since she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's almost 10 years ago. Since then I've been learning to juggle: my career and Mom's care. It got me thinking that I can't be the only woman in this situation: more of us are now working full time; we are working longer hours than our contracts state; we are now being asked to work for more years; and we are putting off having our own kids until later. Somewhere in all of this, we are squeezed into the gaps between ...