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  1. Made a ***** of it again!!!

    I have just behaved badly - my partner doesn't know who I am any more - about a year now! and when he introduced himself to me tonight AGAIN I reacted very badly by trying to put logic where ther is none! Trying to "make him know me" again when I know in my head this can't happen. Why do I keep doing this ? Why can't I just accept ??? I get upset and that just confuses him more. Any suggestions how i can stop this? Mufti
  2. Visit to Nursing Home 7th June 2012

    When we visited my uncle he was sound asleep. He looked as if he'd crashed out on his bed and was lying in the foetal position. His wife's toy dog was at his head - the toy seemed to me to look faithful and protective. When I kissed him and spoke to him he woke up for a few minutes and said he was pleased to see us but then relapsed into deep slumber once more. He didn't look at all comfortable with one arm tucked under his body so we tried to encourage him to sit up but he cried out with pain and ...
  3. Could DOCTORS Get The Diagnosis Wrong??

    Miracle OR Misdiagnosis ???
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    by Sueleivers on 31-05-2012 at 09:30 PM (62 Views)
    Following a stroke in march 2011 My Husband never communicated properly with me for almost a year, always in a drowsy state when i visited then suddenly after challenging his consultant about his Deterioration,she withdrew the Amisulpiride and i cannot really believe the changes in him. Remembering more and more etc. BUT because the panel recommended that Roy needed ...
  4. finding my-self un-involved

    im 14 years old and my gran suffers from alzhimers.
    i notice myself becoming dettached from situations with her, i feel my self drifting away from her even when i go to see her
    i dont no if this is me trying to stop myself from getting hurt, i dont quite understand.
    i go round to see her but i end up not really 'involved'
    i find my self sitting back and watching while the rest of the family try and talk with her. dont get me wrong i love her to bits but i find i cant ...
  5. LA bulk purchaser

    Quote Originally Posted by Dol View Post
    If the LA's are able to get lower fees by being a bulk purchaser of beds, perhaps we need a Co-op society on behalf of all the people who are self funders (also bulk purchasers if you put us together) a kind of low buraeacracy (like the old HSA) sorting office - taking up beds in a variety of homes in each area to cater for a range of needs and then being the point of contact for people looking for homes?

    I am sure there is a flaw in the idea somewhere - but if the LA's can do it