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  1. Necion's Avatar
    Gee, thank you everyone. Just popped in to have another rant, and realised people are reading !!!! Will have to curb the language!
  2. rosaliesal's Avatar
    I recognize your anger having had so much of it over the years. The anger leads to depression when solutions are not found. Action replay is the worst thing for your mind i.e. going over and over and over all the problems. Write them down get it all out. Then do what I turned to deep breathing and visualization. This prevented me from further health problems (my father had 7 years speechless and paralysed with a stroke and during that time mum had alzhiemers)as I have coped with mum's alzheimers for many years now inc. 6 in my home. Listen to and read information on meditation. It is not the looney ideas brigade you probably think. It all makes sense. Visualize something lovely somewhere lovely...its your dream you can do what you want with it but do it. As you imagine your dream take a long slow breath through the nose and breath out slowly. What rubbish I hear you thinking. It is vital absolutely vital to stay strong. Your body will be reacting to the pressure, to to keep strong you must keep your mind and body strong. By this I mean calm...whenever possible. No matter what happens to you try to find a few moments every day that is your time to rejuvenate yourself and recharge your batteries. Take all the help you can get and take a break if possible even if its only for a couple of hours regularly.
  3. ceetee's Avatar
    Dear Necion,

    I share your anger and disappointment. We are in a very similar situation...not sure how much longer i can cope. Try my best. DON'T GIVE UP!!!
    Love, Ceetee xx.
  4. kassy's Avatar
    Dear Necion,i feel so much for you and can totally understand your anger and resentment.
    Words aren't enough..just sending you a hug.x
  5. cinderss's Avatar
    hello you,

    It helps to talk to ones self now and again. I do it all the time. It is a difficult road you are on at the moment and sounds like your making decisions for both of you, don't forget to give yourself a pat on the back every now and then.

    Take Care