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  1. I wish I was nearer to you

    My Uncle is fading fast. Phone call from nursing home this morning. We should go to him but distance does not make this easy.
    I hate having to say to mum that it's not easy. She wants to see her brother. But she understands it's not easy. I hate being so far away.
  2. Death and Passing

    When members of my family or loved ones die I find it hard to use words like 'death' or 'died'.

    'Passed away' or 'Passing' is an alternative that everyone I know have adopted.

    And yet, we don't / can't seem to be able to discuss what we mean about 'passing'-
    and I find this just as disconcerting.

    Why are we so afraid? What are we afraid of?
  3. Dementia caused by Benzodiazepine drugs

    Quote Originally Posted by Jancis View Post
    Times newspaper investigation - "Scandal of 1 million hooked on Benzodiazepine tranquillisers".

    According to the Times reports today: Benzodiazepine-based tranquillisers (known as 'benzos' - branded as Valium and Xanax) should be prescribed for four weeks at most, and only in cases of extreme anxiety and trauma. They are thought to be more addictive than cannabis and heroin. A million Britons have been taking them routinely for years, and in some cases decades.
  4. Dementia caused by Benzodiazepine drugs

    Quote Originally Posted by Jancis View Post
    I was interested in the article as it's possible that my uncle might have been addicted to valium. He was being treated for sleep disorder and severe depression after his wife died in 2001. I'll never know if this was the case of course. Very difficult to research but good that different studies are being investigated and reported.
    Imagine an elderly person living on their own in a remote village in the middle of nowhere. Isolated and being aware that their personality was changing. ...
  5. Visit to Nursing Home 7th June 2012

    When we visited my uncle he was sound asleep. He looked as if he'd crashed out on his bed and was lying in the foetal position. His wife's toy dog was at his head - the toy seemed to me to look faithful and protective. When I kissed him and spoke to him he woke up for a few minutes and said he was pleased to see us but then relapsed into deep slumber once more. He didn't look at all comfortable with one arm tucked under his body so we tried to encourage him to sit up but he cried out with pain and ...
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