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  1. Hospital

    I would like to ask if anyone feels the way I do? I experience fear and great anxiety at the thought of my mother ever being admitted to hospital.

    My mother was admitted to hospital last year (what should have been a 3 day observation, turned into 6 months!). A number of catastophes happened during her stay. For example, she contacted the noro virus, ecoli, UTI infection (to such a toxic level she hallucinated for 5 days), had a fall, lost weight, was bruised on several areas of ...
  2. Tuesday

    I sought advice from TP and I was amazed that I got a reply... not only was I reassured but I also got advice on strategies to use! Great stuff.
    I seem to have been 'muddling though' for such a long time.

    Mum is so quiet these days (probably the medication)... I often long to see 'her feisty' behaviour again. She is so frail, I wish she was that strong woman is so sad...

    Have to keep on going! hoping that everything will improve!
  3. Saturday

    Today I am feeling a bit annoyed - Why is it that my sister (she is 3 years older than me) has decided that she doesn't have to get involved in the caring for mum. I have taken it all on and sometimes I get really up tight with the responsibility and having to give up 7 days a week!
    My sister says it is her life and she is not a carer, doesn't want to care, has made the choice -therefore thats it. No time to visit mum for a cup of tea - she lives 30 mins away!
    I want to care for ...
  4. Tuesday evening

    Mum could not remember going to the cinema, but it doesn't matter! Every day is a new day.... I am pleased that she is looked after and that is most important thing!

    Today mum was quiet, she never said a word.

    My sister called to ask how mum is - she has not visited since last Oct.

    Well a new day tomorrow!
  5. Tuesday

    My daughter took mum to the cinema yesterday. That was such a good idea! mum was thrilled!

    I bought some music called the 'good old days'. Mum actually remembered the words and was singing along... amazing. She said she remembered the 'old times'.

    I will be taking her to the gardens at the weekend - I hope it does not rain! Mum seems to be in a 'happy space' and I am so glad the 8 years of constant care and attention has finally paid off where mum seems to be content ...
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