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  1. geum123's Avatar
    Sorry the beans burnt, but it can so easily happen to any one of us once we get online.
    The time just flies once we get engaged in reading posts or looking up something.

    Better luck next time.
  2. cottonandy's Avatar
    Hi, I'm new to dementia care and I'd be really interested in your talk on memory books - is it open to all?
  3. DeborahBlythe's Avatar
    Hope your outing to Reading goes well, Sarah. Sounds fun! Glad you restrained yourself over that birthday card. It's the sort of funny quip that might be taken the wrong way. (Take it from One Who Knows ).. and is overweight herself...
  4. DeborahBlythe's Avatar
    Really beautiful photos Sarah. I love hellebores (and ladybirds). I hope you keep a copy of the paper they get published in for your portfolio.
  5. DeborahBlythe's Avatar
    Sarah, you deserve a medal for even attempting to cook for a house full like that.
  6. lulabell's Avatar
    Cake Making - thats an achcivement in its self. I struggle with shoes laces !
  7. grobertson62's Avatar
    At least life seems to not be dull in your house

    you made me smile
  8. rosaliesal's Avatar
    Perhaps days like this prove its simpler to just go out and buy a cake....well, at least it is more uneventful.
  9. creativesarah's Avatar
    too many roof tiles is the answer!!
    unfortunately my cake making wasnt too sucessful either!
  10. grobertson62's Avatar
    you made me smile, Don't think I will get myself a bread machine though as I know I would do the same.

    How many roof tiles did you make? this could prove a lucrative side line business
    roofers always seem to be in demand
  11. BeckyJan's Avatar
    is a Martha Stewart clip which made me feel a bit better
    And it has made me feel better too - nothing like a good laugh.

    Sorry about your pitta bread disaster.
  12. creativesarah's Avatar
    Thanks for the encouragements
    Today I got an email from the deputy editor of our local paper thanking me for sending them in and encouraging me to keep on sending them more!
    That put a smile on my face
  13. Haylett's Avatar
    These are lovely photos Sarah.
  14. Izzy's Avatar
    These photos are stunning Sarah - absolutely beautiful. I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday and I'm glad you will have someone to support you. xx
  15. creativesarah's Avatar
    Didnt make it to the wedding I was too poorly
    Was hoping to take some pics but all I saw was my bedroom
  16. creativesarah's Avatar
    been invited to a wedding out of the blue tomorrow
    Hope i'll be up to it!
  17. BeckyJan's Avatar
    I am sorry this has been such a difficult week, Sarah - but please keep fighting on as only you know how.

    I am sorry about your friend as I understand too well how hard it is to watch as someone struggles with their health.

    I cannot resist some humour:

    knickers in a twist
    thank goodness you are not posting pics on this one!!!

    Take care and I hope tomorrow is a better day.
  18. kassy's Avatar
    Sending you a hug Sarah.
    It is so sad to read about Lucy..age doesn't matter when you care so much about someone.
    I hope you're feeling better soon.
    Love Karen x
  19. creativesarah's Avatar
    I dont think I blotted my copy book
    Well if I did I dont remember!!
  20. arteangel's Avatar
    Hi, and how great, the visit must hasve been ,even if you were not feeling so good. The last time i was on a narrow boat, (boat sittingg) for two weeks at Wolvercote Oxon. Lets just hope the weeks get warmer soon.
    I am sure you will be invited again soon.
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