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  1. Anxious about inheriting early onset alzheimers

    [QUOTE=TedHutchinson;520804]I take a somewhat different perspective than the previous poster.
    The concerns that someone with a family history of early onset AD (or for that matter any other kind of dementia) should worry about the increased risk they carry seems to me perfectly sensible. It's just common sense to take whatever simple straightforward, risk free cost effective, strategies to lower your potential risk particularly if these correcting these risk factors are also associated with ...
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  2. Mitochondria, Amyloid β, and Alzheimer's Disease

    [url=]Mitochondria, Amyloid β, and Alzheimer's Disease[/url]
    Nice free full text online paper that fits in with much of what I've been thinking about.

    for those who are interested in learning how to ensure an ongoing supply of new healthy mitochondria this paper has some practical suggestions.
    [url=]Mitochondrial Energetics ...
  3. Resolving controversies on the path to Alzheimer’s therapeutics

    [QUOTE=TedHutchinson;518890][url=]Resolving controversies on the path to Alzheimer’s therapeutics[/url]
    The full text of this article is available at the link. It may be interesting to those who want to understand how the research has progressed and where it may be going.

    I found the time line of Alzheimer's research interesting as well as chart showing the Hypothetical time course of AD with the stages at which interventions ...

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  4. Alzheimer's disease-related peptides form toxic calcium channels in the plasma membra

    [url=]Imaging β amyloid's pore performance

    Study visualizes Alzheimer's disease–related peptides forming toxic calcium channels in the plasma membrane.[/url]

    [url=]there is an article explaining this paper in more detail here.[/url]

    Abstract here
    [url=]Single-channel ...
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  5. Predicting Alzheimer disease and dementia

    [url=]Nontraditional risk factors combine to predict Alzheimer disease and dementia.[/url][quote] Comprehensive re-evaluation of a well-characterized cohort showed that age associated decline in health status, in addition to traditional risk factors, is a risk factor for AD and dementia.
    General health may be an important confounder to consider in dementia risk factor evaluation.
    If a diverse range of deficits is associated with ...
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